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At MNFarmHub we love animals. We love them so much that we installed some cameras and created a stream so other animal-lovers could enjoy them too! We have a lot of plans in the works to make viewing this channel even more enjoyable. One of those plans involves automated feeders, so you can feed the animals! We have two feeders done, so you can now feed Hamilton the pig and Moo Moo the cow by spending 50 bits (Cheer50) or 1000 Hammies (our channel currency). You can feed the Mazie the mini horse, Indie the donkey, the goats and the chickens by spending 51 bits or 1000 Hammies. You can feed both by spending 100 bits. There are no limits on the Cheer feeds. For Hammies, there is a 10-minute waiting period between feeds and each person can feed the animals five times per day. This may change depending on a few factors. If you are a follower, you can redeem one free feed per day until July 16th, and if you are a subscriber, you can redeem up to five free feeds per day by using !Feed to feed Hamilton the pig and Moo Moo the Cow and !Outfeed to feed Mazie the mini horse, Indie the donkey, the goats, and the chickens! We also plan on holding a variety of community related events such as naming the unnamed animals. We sincerely hope you enjoy watching, and don't forget to tell your animal-loving friends about us! Check out our social media pages for some funny and cute pics and clips of the animals.